How do you eat an elephant …

We are three weeks into the New Year and, for many of us, with this calendar change come the dreaded Resolutions! Resolving to change or improve ourselves is a wonderful idea but too often it remains just that: an idea. Why do so many people start off the year with high hopes but then, after just a short time (usually by right about now…), seem to give up on them?

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time! 

Of course, this African proverb certainly doesn’t suggest eating elephants ~ they are intelligent and noble creatures. The point here is that all things that need to be done require small, consistent steps. The first is Starting. Stir in some motivation, with a dollop of support and you are on your way to success. But this is not always so simple …

~ People often say that motivation doesn’t last.
Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily ~
Zig Ziglar

Looking at some popular resolutions (lose weight, quit smoking, get out of debt, get into better shape) and, at first glance, they are very valid and important changes to make. But looking more closely, they are also very BIG changes that require major lifestyle shifts. They all require rather substantial amounts of motivation and even the most motivated person would need healthy and consistent support to achieve these goals.

It’s also important to look at the semantics of these popular resolutions. Notice that they are all ‘negative’, highlighting what is ‘wrong’. Resolutions are simply goals and they can be made at any time of the year. When setting goals, it’s critical that they, in themselves, provide motivation. Let’s change them up a bit:

  • Lose Weight becomes Gain More Stamina: when we lose extra pounds, climbing the stairs, walking the dog, and even carrying the groceries become much easier tasks. We gain more flexibility and vitality without the excess weight. Click here to learn more about Dr Seagrist’s Diet Clinic and how to effectively, and safely, lose weight.
  • Quit Smoking becomes Live Long for my Loved Ones: By spinning the same goal into the final outcome that will benefit both you and your family, motivation will take a stronger hold. There is help for this difficult resolution ~ talk with your doctor and the experts at Tranquil to get support! 
  • Get Out of Debt becomes Find Joy at Work: This is, of course, a tough one. Not everyone can just decide to ‘switch horses mid-stream’ and follow their dream job but perhaps there are opportunities, through work or government offerings, to take classes to upgrade your skills and improve your paycheque. This goal may mean getting more organized with expenses, or going to a trusted advisor for assistance direction. 
  • Get into Better Shape becomes Give my Body the Respect it Deserves: This speaks to more than just getting ripped at the gym. It’s about starting an exercise program You can manage. Going for a daily walk, doing a few minutes of yoga in the morning, caring about your nutritional needstaking time to relax and rest your mind, and ensuring your whole body functions at its best. Learn more about the best way for you to start by contacting Tranquil for support, motivation and a plan that works For You
Goals are important but the journey to reach them should be a gentle one and begins with a single step. Ensure that you share your ambitions with your family and friends to create a support network to help motivate and inspire you. And remember … one bite at a time!